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Today’s artists not only have to worry about their work being plagiarized but actually reproduced and distributed without their consent. Though word of mouth can be an enormous vehicle for publicity, taking someone’s work and giving it out for free without permission is in fact a crime that Image Source, Inc. is trying to stop. Piracy can in fact affect the bottom line when it comes to valid companies and their production revenues. Image Source Inc. offers a number of services to insure the protection of intellectual property, information and its creator’s wallet.

Image Source, Inc. has broken down digital information pirates into four basic categories: Stage Ones, Stage Twos, Stage Threes and Hardcore Rippers. All are consider a nuisance to the world of digital production but in different degrees and using different actions to protect the property in question.

A Stage one ripper may not be technologically sophisticated but their numbers are great and their success level is extremely high. This is the typical album ripper and file sharer that may believe that their duplicating is harmless since it is for personal use, although the large amount of people who fall under this category can significantly affect revenue negatively. Stage two rippers like stage ones aren’t software masters, but spend a lot more time researching “How to” articles and programs in order to become more savvy in their piracy.

Stage threes is where it starts to get more serious. Stage three rippers invest in programs and equipment in order to insure the reproduction of other’s intellectual property. They are forever upgrading and updating their duplicating information and tactics. The last and most dangerous are the Hard core rippers. These are the most technically advanced, highly developed and bold. They worry the industry not only because they have the knowledge to reproduce property but because they use the internet to mentor less experienced rippers in order to take them from Stage one to Hard core. Though their numbers are few, their unofficial students are many.

With this sort of piracy growing, companies such as Image Source Inc. and their services have become essential. They offer three options for the protection of digital content and the prevention of piracy. The first choice is Content Scramble System Encryption or better known as CSS. This is the most common form of protection and is standard with all DVD players. Though it is older and extremely vulnerable to rippers it is still widely used. Secondly, Bad Sector Insertion which is the placing of corrupted data into the discs information that will be corrected by the ripping software. With this correction it will actually inhibit the playback of the pirated disc because the player will look for the bad sectors not being able to play the disc now that it is corrected, although this method does lower disc quality. Lastly, Content Alteration is self explanatory and extremely effective against rippers. This process disrupts ripping software and renders the reproduced disc unwatchable, by putting “bad” data on the original disc and puzzling the pirating software.

Image Source, Inc. provides the resources and production that is necessary in order to protect disc content therefore keeping intellectual property for the creator to maximize potential revenue and profit. For these and other services contact Image Source, Inc. at www.image-src.com.

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