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Outsourcing CD/DVD Duplication

December 20th, 2010

DVD Duplication and packagingCD/DVD duplication has become easier to do in-house as equipment costs and operation have become less expensive and simpler to do. However, there are times when it makes better sense to outsource your CD/DVD duplication.

A key part of the decision is determining the number of disks you need to duplicate. If it’s less than 1000 the process is fairly straightforward and your decision should be based on whether you have (or want to invest in) the duplication equipment and have the personnel and time to do it. More than 1000 disks, and the question becomes a little more complicated and the case becomes much stronger for outsourcing.

Producing several thousand disks also raises another question – whether to duplicate or replicate (more on disk duplication vs. replication in another blog). In either case, there are several key criteria you should consider when selecting a disk duplicating/replicating partner:

Find a compatible disk duplication company

Look for a CD/DVD duplicator with solid customer service and order management, a quality-oriented approach to production, and a good track record. There are lots of cheapo, fly-by-night disk duplication services out there, so do your homework.

Pay attention to production

Good CD/DVD artwork and reproduction are key factors in producing quality disks. If you can’t provide the right label artwork and software files, look for a company with an experienced in-house production department.

Know your packaging

If you have special requirements for packaging, make sure you ask upfront about it. Do wait until you’ve started your duplication process to realize your vendor can’t provide the digipack you want.

Don’t forget fulfillment

Often it’s easiest and most cost-efficient to select a disk duplication company that can provide everything, including warehousing, assembly, and shipping.

As a full-service CD/DVD duplication and fulfillment company, our manufacturing services include CD duplication and packaging, DVD replication, warehousing, and distribution services for a broad range of industries and markets.

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