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Archive for July, 2010

CD Business Cards

Friday, July 9th, 2010

Home based business owners are always looking for better ways to promote their business. In today’s American culture it seems like it isn’t always the early bird that gets the worm, instead it is the person with the sleekest looks, catchiest slogans and the most updated technology. In order to get the attention a business needs to survive, these things are dire and there are companies that can help with the professional end of impression. Companies like Image Source have a wonderful selection of promotional materials to put even the smallest contender in the competition.

An innovative and proficient way to get the word out about a company (large or small), organization and even a home business are CD business cards. The home based business crowd should especially be interested in CD business cards, where their advertising budgets are extremely limited and CD business cards are a relatively inexpensive way to promote with technology and still have a casual flavor. The array of colors, prints and designs can satisfy any preferred style. (more…)

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