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February 29th, 2012

Pop quiz! Do you know what the following acronyms stand for?

  1. VHS
  2. VCR
  3. CD
  4. DVD
  5. BD
  6. HD
  7. DJ

(See bottom of article for answers.)

Some kids these days don’t even know how to use some of these forms of media. Cars don’t often feature cassette players anymore because people use CDs and mp3 players. Likewise, now that everybody uses DVDs, Blu-Rays and online video streaming technology, stores don’t stock as many varieties of VCRs. These are just a few demonstrations of the significant technological changes going on around us.

Did you know that one four-drawer filing cabinet can hold up to 10,000 pages of paper? Did you also know that all those documents can fit on one single CD? Don’t let your company settle for obsolete technology. Stay modern with our help. If you have filing cabinets full of paper documents and you’re looking to take the next step into an increasingly paperless world, take advantage of our Document Scanning services. Our Content Management experts will meet with you to establish your immediate priorities and then propose strategic plans for your long-term needs.

Benefits include being able to back up all of your files, saving storage space, being able to search quickly through your entire information trove, sharing files quickly with multiple parties, and more. Imagine how much more available space your office would have without any filing cabinets. Envision finding that one misplaced invoice with a simple keyword search, saving you hours of flipping through every page in every folder. Think of how many meetings you’ll be on time for, since you were able to email the 10 page agenda to everyone instead of making 20 collated and stapled paper copies.

Pop quiz answers: 1. Video Home System, 2. Video Cassette Recorder, 3. Compact Disc, 4. Digital Video Disc, 5. Blu-Ray Disc, 6. High Definition, 7. Disc Jockey

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