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Silk Screening

June 5th, 2012

Silk screening is a popular process for printing.Here at Image Source, we provide different kinds of labeling services. In March we explained more about thermal retransfer printing. This month we want to talk about silk screening and how it is most commonly used.

What is silk screening?

Silk screening is a type of screen printing. This process is used to make prints on many different kinds of materials and is often used for professional labels. In simple terms, a piece of silk is stretched tightly into a frame. Today, polyester is used more often because it is much cheaper and does the same thing. A design is created on the stretched fabric, much like a photo negative. Then the frame is placed over the object being printed on and ink is rolled or sponged onto the stretched fabric frame. The frame and design act like a stencil and the ink will only affect certain areas. Then the object being printed is left to dry. There are often multiple layers of different colors that get screened into the prints. There are many other techniques using different kinds of materials but this is the basic idea.

What is silk screening commonly used for?

Due to the wide variety of materials that can be screen printed, this technique has many uses. Some artists enjoy using this process at home for their own creative projects. For example you may have heard of Andy Warhol? Silk screening is a fun, easy and inexpensive process and can yield multiple copies of excellent quality pieces. Common items produced both independently and through corporations include anything you can put graphics on. Posters, t-shirts, postcards; you name it!

We offer silk screening services so if you need anything printed call us or contact us online today. We can help you!

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