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Webkeys- the key to connectingHere at Image Source, we are proud to offer the innovative new webkey technology. A webkey is a small USB gadget that automatically loads a pre-selected website when you plug it into your computer’s USB port. These gadgets can be embedded in many promotional items and are thin enough to embed in a credit-card-like card. This technology enables people in face-to-face meetings to share their online presence without anyone ever needing to write down the URL or type each individual character into their browser. Sounds pretty convenient, right? Today we have a few suggestions for different ways to use webkeys at work.

Sales. The most obvious of all uses, sales is a big part of almost every company. You can try to collect emails and phone numbers and Facebook fans, but the fact is that you have to connect with the people if you want to gain leads and customers. There are many people who do not use computers and prefer to network the old-fashioned way. Webkeys will simplify the process for these types of individuals when they try to access your website.

Distribution. Much like sales, webkeys can be helpful in directing your audience to the source of your material. Artists who distribute their goods online may see the merit of webkeys as many musicians and visual artists have online portfolios or streaming music. Why not use a webkey to send your audience straight to a portfolio, iTunes or another location for downloads? Fans can spread the word and share the wealth by passing their webkey along to friends.

Client referrals. If your company frequently mails products or literature in mass quantities, consider including a webkey for the recipient to pass on to a friend or family member. You can motivate them by including a small discount or referral bonus for the recipient and friend. Imagine if you gained a new customer for every package you mailed!

Sweepstakes. Issue webkeys to the people who enter your sweepstakes. This group can include existing customers as well as prospects. When the webkey is plugged into the computer, they can find out if they are a winner or not. Hosting the sweepstakes on your website would result in increased traffic to your site, which means more exposure to potential customers. Whether they win or not, you may find yourself with more business.

Exclusive memberships. If you offer a members-only section of your website, you might consider using a webkey for new memberships. All they have to do is plug in your webkey to be taken to the members only section. You could even include a unique code printed on the webkey to ensure that it can only be used to register once.

The possibilities are endless. Webkeys are a modern twist on an old promotional standby. Giving people something physical is a great way to keep your brand in the front of their mind. Contact us today to see what we can do for you!

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