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Blu-Ray and DVD Storage

August 10th, 2010

Blu-ray appears to be sweeping the nation with growing popularity. The players looking sleek and the disc packaging being more compact opens to a disc that looks no different from a standard DVD. However, the quality of the images and the level of storage hide in this unsuspecting doppelganger. Blu-ray may be the new standard for movies but there are more uses that these storage devices can serve.

Blu-ray gets its name from a very mundane place, the actual color of the laser used to read and write the data on or being put on the disc. Instead of a red laser (typical standard DVD); the blue ray discs use a blue laser, which allows for more compact storage, therefore leaving more room. The average Blu-ray DVD can store up to 25GB of information and there are some that can store even more. This makes the blu ray DVD extremely desirable to businesses who often times would be dealing with huge file cabinets and mountains of papers. All this information can easily and comfortable be put on a blu ray DVD for use within the company and amongst its employees.

At this time, standard DVD duplication has already managed to reduce the use and waste of paper and is quickly making the binder and briefcase obsolete. Companies like ImageSource offer services that take an office full of data, and transfer it to digital format and then writing the transferred information to DVD. This service allows the information to be easily taken, stored and extremely portable. Frantically searching through piles of documents to find that one page, on which the entire project waits, is on its way to fossilization.

DVD’s make the information so accessible that any file is no more than a keystroke search away. The computer does all the looking and always finds it with time to spare. All employees can easily have duplicate copies of the latest and most important information when a company like ImageSource makes duplicated copies and has them ready efficiently for distribution.  Stacks of documents make way for laptop computers holding what seems like infinite files, keeping the board room clean, fresh and most important in this current economical climate; green. The idea of DVD duplication being on the “green” end of environmentalism may not initially come to mind, but DVDs make paper files obsolete and even when considering legal documents that require signatures, once the initial document is signed it can be scanned and kept indefinitely.

Standard DVDs have revolutionized the office storage capability, and now with the introduction of blu-ray writing for storage the office setting may be looking at the end of a paper reign and the beginning of a more socially responsible eco-friendly future.

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